I am leaving the internet (mostly) for about 3 weeks!

Starting July 1st I will be in Dallas visiting my Dad! :D
I mean, we haven’t hung out much and he wasn’t really in my life for 12 years, so I figure I should see how it is to live with the man who is responsible for being part of my birth. :B
So what does this have to do with you?
Well, I basically will be in the Dallas Area (10 minutes from the Sheraton/Where A-kon was held) and if we happen to know each other, I can convince him to let me hang out with some of you all! :D

What’s the catch? Well…the main reason, other than visiting me dad, is so I can erm…how do I put this…visit the wonderful boyfriend I have. > u <
I know for sure that I will most likely be at Independancestuck on July 4th, a party on the 10th, and the pic-nic meet up on the 22nd, but from the 11th-27th, I am free to hang out anywhere within the area! As long as it is within an hour drive, I can hang out! 
Since I don’t know much of Dallas, my dad plans to take me out to some local places, such as this nifty Six flags(Fiesta Texas) that’s by his house! 

This won’t be until the 2nd week of July, but I am giving an early notice in case anyone wants to hang out!

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