So I took pictures of my Dirk Attire (Most of it. My /PROPER/ wig hasn’t come in yet. uwu) and yeah. I am hoping tomorrow’s meet up is nice and warm.

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Doodling the RPG characters. :B

Doodling the RPG characters. :B

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Okay I have kinda had it?

I like being mean in a playful way and I don’t understand why he thinks I’m doing it just to be mean. 38/

He best be catching on, because I just don’t like how he yells at me for having fun.
This is me. I am just here to have fun and not deal with depts or anything.
I won’t shut up. You shut up. You rude person. 

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listen // art

  • us against the world - coldplay
  • she’s got you high - mumm-ra
  • little talks - of monsters and men
  • always - panic! at the disco
  • maps - yeah yeah yeahs
  • i want to save you - something corporate
  • all about us (feat. owl city) - he is we
  • there is a light that never goes out - the smiths
  • piazza, new york catcher - belle & sebastian
  • yellow - coldplay
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AU Makorra - Mako’s confession. Korra’s rejection.

Right in the feelings.

God, I want to write this so bad, but I’ve got twenty other requests waiting for me…

Okay I am sorry L.O.K fandom, but I still don’t think Mako deserves Korra.
Bolin tries really hard to get her and that is my favorite ship in this show. 
Also BolinxPabu is my BrOTP 

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X reblog X LOK X oops

This is about porn.

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And now I don’t care.

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