I [tried] to do a manlier test with make-up and ended up not liking it, but here are some pictures of my base I may use for Carlos the Scientest


I’m literally in tears. I was afraid of telling anyone about how I truly felt thru A-kon. I cosplayed Wheatley for one day and then the other two I decided to go with the one cosplay I have had for a while- Gamzee.

During the saturday meetup, I was walking back by myself to the main area [where the badges were given] when I spotted a Dave, really nice cosplayed dave- I smiled and continued walking, before I spot the red shirt-shades comming towards me. I figured, hey he is part of my fandom, i met alot of daves who were super cool, so, he could be nice? Wrong. His expression [from what I could tell with the shades] was of disgust, I suddently lost my smile. “Hello.” I was friendly, gaining back my smile, I like to treat cosplayers with as much respect as the other guys. “Ugh. Another gamzee?” he sounded annoyed. Around this time I started feeling bad- it’s true, alot of people cosplay Gamzee…but I had a personal reason to cosplay him- I have schizophernia and psychotic breakdowns. I had to take alot of medicine to keep me in a “goofy” type of state- I lost my father when I was very young.

I was always alienated until I joined the homestuck fandom. “I’m sorry, Dave.” I said simply and tried to walk to the doors, dave blocked me. “You know, I’m getting sick and tired of seeing gamzees at every damn convention I go to.” I started cowering at this time- I didn’t want to fight back, I was scared. “I’m sorry” is all that could come out of my mouth.

“aren’t you tired of doing an overdone cosplay, seriously if i see another gamzee im going to leave this damn fandom.”

I lost it there. I felt like punching him, but I didn’t want any bad rep. I could feel my eyes blurring. God I was crying. I held back and turned, running back to my hotel room. After a while, my friend got me to go back out to the rest of the meetup, but I still felt sick. I didn’t see the dave after that.

Does anyone know how I can stop feeling upset?

I am just feeling really bummed out today..

Kigurumi? More like “What? You want sexy time? I unbutton myself now then.”

I still love it though.

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Recently, I saw some posts go around that pointed things out that people found particularly offensive. Bad wigs—people not styling or dyeing their hair to the characters, using costume satin, people who don’t seal their makeup. The usual complaints that people tend to have about those who are uninformed about cosplay.

I thought about it for awhile, and not a lot particularly offends me when it comes to cosplays. Not even giant stripper boots for a masculine character makes me think, “oh, that RUINS their whole outfit,” I mean, I don’t particularly like their footwear, but if the rest of their cosplay is nice, so what? They probably just wanted to be taller to fit their headcanon for the characters.

Today while cooking, it hit me. What the worst, most offensive thing is, that can ruin even the most wonderful cosplays. 

A bad attitude.

If you’re just at a con, having fun with your friends, even if you rolled out of bed this morning and said “hey, I think I’ll cosplay this,” grabbed some random stuff out of your closet, and threw it on, I’m really not going to care. I’m not going to be irritated by your existence, I’m not going to judge you. It’s your business how long you work on an outfit or how many feels you have about the character, it’s not mine. 

However, giant epic super-detailed 349654962-part cosplay, or closet cosplay, if I CONSISTENTLY see you being rude, talking down other cosplayers, causing a disturbance, being disrespectful of others, talking shit about other cosplayers, hating on people cosplaying a fandom you don’t like, sending them hate, or just being unpleasant/nasty to others who are just trying to have a good time and aren’t hurting anyone? Oh man, do I judge you. I judge you hard. I stop caring how pretty your cosplay is, I stop admiring you altogether. I’ll think to myself, “Wow, that person has a beautiful cosplay, but WOW they have a bad attitude. That costume/makeup/face/skill/whatever is wasted on someone so spiteful.” 

So yes, that’s my cosplay peeve. That’s the one thing that can ruin ANY cosplay on any day.

I drew an Aradiabot.Blue- I’m 0kayGreen- Tik-T0k 

I drew an Aradiabot.
Blue- I’m 0kay
Green- Tik-T0k 

Suddenly I am Very sad.



So because my older sister is a complete and total ignoramus, I will be on babysitting duty during summer. Why?
Well. Let’s leave it at the fact that if you want something done right, don’t leave it to the monkey.

What does this mean?
Less time for:
The Internet 

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